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Training You to Prevent, Prepare, & Respond to Emergencies


Online Training Sessions on Lifesaving Skills

Many jobs require up to date lifesaving skills because they address health emergencies every day – people such as health care providers, first responders, and lifeguards. Others, including teachers and babysitters, are entrusted with precious young lives that could require aid on a moment’s notice.

Those of us who do not face health emergencies every day can also benefit from First Aid / CPR / AED training. With a variety of courses from Caregiving and Babysitting to First Aid/CPR/AED and BLS courses the Life Saviours can provide you with the training and skills you need to prevent, prepare, and respond to emergencies.

Organization  Training

Organization Training

The Life Saviours. provides training for any organization with the flexibility need to allow them to meet OSHA Guidelines. We offer online in class training at your site or any of our multiple convenient centers. The Life Saviours can train the trainers in your organization.


Emergency Planning Preparation

What would your family do if a fire engulfed your home? What about an earthquake, tornado or a flood occurring in the area where you reside? How would you treat an animal bite? What would you to do for a bee sting or a serious burn?

Emergencies happen. Sometimes big emergencies happen to little people like children and infants. The emergencies come in many shapes and sizes, whether man-made or acts of nature. Planning can help you be prepared and feel more confident that you are equipped with the education and skills needed to protect your family, coworkers, customers, and community.

Types of Classes

Types of Classes

At the Life Saviours, you can attend a class that best fits your scheduling needs and style of learning. We offer three style of classes:

  • In Person: This class is a traditional classroom setting, First Aid courses are a combination of lecture with hands-on skills sessions. The course usually ends with testing that allows qualified students to receive a two-year certification.

  • Online: This class is virtual. Student’s to progress at their own pace allowing time to better understand First Aid practices. This course does not allow you demonstrate your skills to a certified instructor. Your certification may prohibit you from meeting some requirements for workplace safety.

  • Blended Learning: This Class is a combination of Online Learning where by the class instruction is online allowing student’s to progress at their own pace for a better understand First Aid practices. The in-person skills session is demonstrated to a certified instructor through our award-winning simulation learning. Blended Learning courses allow you to learn on your schedule, then demonstrate your skills to a certified instructor.

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