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At The Life Saviours, we offer training and certifications in first aid, CPR, and AED training. All our certifications are through the Red Cross and the American Heart Association.


Laurel, MD

Baltimore City, MD

White Marsh, MD

NYC, (Suburbs)

Atlanta, GA

Salisbury, MD

Harrisburg, PA

Hagertown, MD

Frederick, MD

Silver Spring, MD

Columbia, MD

Arlington, VA

Forest Hills, MD

Alexandria, VA

Beltsville, MD

Bowie, MD

Richmond, VA

Gaithersburg, MD

Fairfax, VA

Miami, FL

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Our mission is to teach, train and certify individuals, teams, businesses, professionals, and health providers of every level to the high standard of First Aid /CPR/AED, ACLS/CLS/Heartcode. We want a safer, healthier community one person at a time while bringing each exceptional customer service.

You can register for courses either in person, online, or blended learning. Feel free to contact us.

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